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Quickly master the hottest skill in social media for your business: live video.

Join the millions of people using live video to create revenue for their business. It's easier than you think.

Live Show Mastery is a private community + course all rolled into one. 

Taught by award-winning digital marketing expert and social media coach, Jessica Payne, host of Jessica Payne LIVE.

Enroll and immediately start building on-camera confidence and create engaging content that ACTUALLY CONVERTS. 

All while being 100% yourself. 

Enjoy 12 toolkits packed with templates, cheats and resources, PLUS weekly live tutorials in Jessica's exclusive Facebook group.

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Instagram, Twitter & YouTube too.

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Annual Membership - What's Included?


Learn what successful brands already know - live video PAYS. 

In Live Show Mastery, you'll learn the inside secrets to putting purpose behind every second you spend using live video so that it becomes a natural extension of your brand and powerful source for forging relationships that matter. 

Everything you need to succeed is included:

  • Monthly toolkits full of tips, tricks and hands-on videos to build your confidence and add professional polish.
  • Exclusive, live weekly tutorials in Jessica's members-only Facebook group.
  • Pre-written templates and cheats (using Jessica's own strategy) to speed you up so you're executing sooner. 
  • Bonus materials and surprises to keep you creative and motivated!
  • No need to waste time re-creating the wheel. All of the heavy lifting has been done for you.
  • Advanced material to take you beyond Facebook and live streaming. Stories? Instagram? Podcasts? It's all here.

"The bonus materials alone were worth the price of admission and even that was a steal. Jessica is a consummate professional and true master. She's as good as it gets."

Los Angeles

"I'm embarrassed to admit how much time and money I've wasted on other courses. I was able to transform my Facebook strategy on DAY ONE and haven't looked back."

West Virginia

"Social media is something I've tried to avoid as long as possible but the truth is I needed it to grow my business beyond the local High Street. Jessica teaches you how to use live streaming on Facebook quickly and with purpose. Just follow her cheats and steps each month and you're off and running. Cheers, Jessica!"

South London

Private Community + Monthly Toolkits + Latest Trends & Updates

From booking the right guests to promoting your show, Live Show Mastery covers all the bases to build your confidence and generate results for your business. Master and then build your skills in real-time with others in Jessica's exclusive Live Show Mastery Facebook Group.

Learning Fits Your Lifestyle

Delivered On-Demand to Any Device

100% Digital. Learn at home or on the go, wherever you're most comfortable. Go at your own pace. 

Hands-On Tutorials & Community Support

Dive deeper with How To Videos which come with every toolkit and workshops in the private Facebook group.

Cheats Upgrade Your Results

Loaded with results boosters and time-saving secrets. 

Who is Live Show Mastery For?

  • Busy professionals looking to leverage live streaming to UPSELL A PRODUCT OR SERVICE.
  • Page & Group Administrators who need to deliver regular, quality ENGAGEMENT and REAL-TIME CONVERSATIONS to their members. 
  • Experts who want to INCREASE brand discoverability on Facebook and other social media.
  • Businesses seeking LEADS and CONVERSIONS and to improve CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • Organizations that need to GROW AWARENESS and FOLLOWERS to help accomplish their mission.
  • Consultants who want to GROW THEIR PRACTICE by showcasing their expertise regularly and in real-time.
  • Anyone TIRED OF WASTING TIME on social media and LACKING RESULTS. 

No previous experience with live video (aka, "live streaming") is necessary to enroll and you don't have to finish the course to start. Oh, and it's not just LIVE we cover.


Live Show Mastery covers the following fundamentals:

  • Talk show, solo or shared screen - which format is right for me? 
  • Themes vs. topics and how to build value through consistency. 
  • On-camera confidence boosters. Tips and tricks you can easily master. 
  • Page, group or profile - where (and when) to air.
  • Beyond Facebook - going live on other social media channels with ease.
  • Beyond live video - leveraging stories and other snackable content. 
  • Community management 101 - how to drive conversations during and after you go live. 
  • Boost it? When (and when not) to use paid promotion.  
  • How to brand your content - design tips. 
  • Booking guests with ease and professional hosting hacks.
  • Social media strategy basic and advanced tips.
  • What's that behind your shoulder? Basic backdrop/ camera / lighting techniques you want to know.
  • Jessica's favorite tools and tech! 

And more! 

  • How to leverage Facebook stories like a fishing lure!
  • Pros and cons to using Facebook's creator app
  • Frames - branding and fun ideas for your fans Frames
  • Automation and repurposing - eliminate manual labor, create consistency and reach more people. 

What if nobody shows up?? I'm not good on camera... I don't have enough time.


My first episode had zero views. A recent episode had 6.7K views. The secret to success on social media is consistency which is why I give you a strategic framework you use starting day one in Live Show Mastery. 


If you've been on a Google Hangout, Zoom call or Facetime, you can do a live stream. The secret is confidence which is learned through repetition and leaning into your strengths which you learn in the course.


What if I told you I spend LESS time on social media and am able to spend more time dedicated to my business and outside the office than before? Anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

You have to take the next step to find out.

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